Vego Spring Meal Pack

Vego Spring Meal Pack

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We have created this pack with the change of season in heart, fresh zesty punchy colourful eats aplenty! This menu is full of springtime vegetable nourishment; beautiful robust beverages, soups, snacks, ferments and broths and of course never ever compromising on flavours or complete nutrient profiles. 

Included is the following:

As with all of our offerings we have designed this menu to satiate a new mama's unending appetite (read: generous portions!) as well as ensuring her recovery from the marathon effort of pregnancy and the exertion of childbirth is supported nutritionally.

We approximate this pack contains 8 meal serves, 6 large snack serves plus 1L of broth & 250g of kraut (both of which we don't really consider in our serves - more as daily essentials!)

Please note - there is no such thing as portion control when it comes to a freshly postpartum mama, so please take these serving sizes as a guide only and eat & drink with abandon!


Allergen info:

^Contains soy


Please note:

*These items are made on a base of Veggie Broth & bacon is omitted from the Breakfast Congee dish.

This pack is not vegan. 


Alterations to pack contents for personal preference reasons can no longer be accommodated. Our "Build Your Own Pack" menu allows you freedom to create a pack with contents you prefer.