About Us

As you can see from the photo we know a thing or two about postpartum life – you may even say we’re both still deep in the trenches living it...

Hi there, we're the mamas behind Feed Mama First.
Courtney (feat. Lewis) a postpartum doula and Lauren (feat. Indiana) a qualified chef. 

After both becoming mums in 2019, and with no immediate family nearby for either of us, we quickly realised there was a gap in the “village” for other mamas who, like us, had no one dropping off ready-to-eat meals & snacks after their babes were born.

Hence the idea for Feed Mama First was hatched.

We aim to provide new mamas nutritious meals to support and nourish during the postpartum period.

Our goal is to nurture mamas with nutrient dense, wholefood based menus, during this unique time of healing, recovery and relationship building with their new little person.

All of our offerings are carefully curated to fuel mamas during their transition into life at home with a new baby, all conveniently delivered to their door.

Our meals and snacks are jam-packed full of nutrients that are specifically needed during postpartum recovery, designed to nourish, satiate, rebuild and replenish all that is lost through birth and the period immediately after.

Our packs are also an excellent practical gift for those who have a pregnant woman in their life, especially for those who don’t live close by to give hands on assistance.

Let us take away the stress of preparing nourishing food during this time.

We look forward to feeding you!