Who are these eats for?

We have carefully curated our menu to assist mamas during the most demanding transition of their lives.

Our aim is to focus first on the needs of the mother by providing nutrient-dense, healing, energising, nourishing, seasonal, locally sourced, ready to eat, zero waste, warming, easy to digest, wholefood based meal packs (including main meals, snacks & drinks).

In saying that all of our offerings are also entirely appropriate for those in the preconception or pregnancy phase of their lives. 

Why do new mamas need your food?

Because the postpartum period is SERIOUSLY demanding. Like even more than when you were pregnant. Not only are you recovering from whichever way the babe exited your body, you are still depleted in so many nutrients from the marathon of pregnancy & also whaddaya know there’s a small human who is wholly dependent on you for everything.

It’s a time when your routine is all over the shop (sleep? huh? who? what?), you may have bub attached to your boob/in your arms for what feels like 24/7 and life is seriously non-stop-but-you-don’t-feel-like-you’ve-left-the-couch-today all at once!

It’s a strange but glorious time.

Thus we have designed these meal & snack packs to ensure you spend as little time in the kitchen as possible and at the same time are nourished & satiated for this full time gig you’ve just landed yourself in – motherhood!

Do I need to have recently had a baby to order your food?

No way! We don’t discriminate – our food is for all! The nuts and bolts of what we create is deeply nourishing for all humans - young & old!

Tell me a little more about your style of cooking

We promote a menu first and foremost focussed on replenishing maximum amount of nutrients directly to our customer (whether that be a mama immediately post-birth or any person who needs a whole lot of goodness STAT!)

On top of being jammed full with all sorts of macro & micronutrients our food has a strong focus on hydrating and healing – essential for those in their fourth trimester.

Our cooking methods reflect ancestral styles of preparing meals (focussing on nose-to-tail, slow cooked, easily digestible options) which aligns perfectly with both Ayurvedic & Traditional Chinese Medicine wisdom for new mothers in their first 6 weeks.

We use animal products throughout our menu (including within our ‘Vego’ menus) as we believe their careful consumption through this period provides many positive health benefits.

We believe they have a crucial role assisting a mother’s transition to a new (old) body and the additional demands that come with this time (sleep deprivation, breastfeeding establishment, life in general).

We endeavour to support ethical & local suppliers when it comes to sourcing our animal products and choose organic where available.

We understand many of us have limited diets due to all sorts of reasons and are happy to discuss your individual dietary requirements (dairy free, vegan, gluten free etc) & the impact that has on any of our items. Please get in touch via our ‘Contact Us’ page.

Alternatively you can always leave us a message in the text box on the checkout page if you think we need to know something about you and your order. 

Whereabouts do you deliver to?

Our Illawarra/Shoalhaven delivery zone spans along the coast from as far as Helensburgh in the north down to Vincentia in the south.

We also deliver to the entire metropolitan area of Sydney and can even reach into some parts of the Central Coast & Blue Mountains (extra fees may occur for these outlying areas). Please note at this stage we are only offering our wares to suburbs that our courier can guarantee same-day delivery to. Unfortunately we have zero control as to which suburbs are and are not covered. 

Not sure if your area is included in the same day delivery zone? Send us a message via our Contact Us form & we’ll let you know ASAP.

Will you deliver further down the South Coast?

At present we deliver roughly monthly to the Milton/Mollymook/Ulladulla area. Contact us to find out when the next delivery date for this area will be.

What's the deal with the shipping fees?

The shipping fees for all customers are set and helps to cover some of the cost of same-day delivery via courier from our kitchen directly to your door.

It also covers our sustainably-minded insulated WoolPack packaging from Planet Protector Packaging.

Our products are highly perishable hence we only want the best when it comes to ensuring your orders arrives in a food-safe state - thus ensuring your order has the lowest time possible in transit to you and that it is housed in fully sealed cool environment are two factors we will not skimp on.

The health of our customers and their experience with ordering, receiving and consuming our food is of upmost importance to us.

When do orders close?

Orders close every week on Friday evening at midnight.

I've ordered one of your packs, what happens now?

Sit back & relax! We will be creating all the delicious items you have ordered on the following Tuesday, with delivery occurring on Wednesdays. 

All of our orders are packaged in either a frozen or cooled state into our sustainably sourced WoolPack insulated box, which is fully sealed.

Our Illawarra & Shoalhaven customers will receive an email once delivery has been made on Wednesday.

Our Sydney customers will be provided with a tracking number via email on Tuesday. Sydney orders usually do not arrive until Wednesday afternoon/early evening.  

Please note - we go to great lengths to ensure all items are delivered in a cooled or frozen state. We do also understand that hiccups in transit can occur and are happy to discuss the condition of any items you are not happy with.

What if I am not going to be home when my delivery arrives?

Orders are automatically defaulted to "Authority to Leave" at the delivery address. If you are not there to accept the order, the delivery driver will leave your parcel in a safe place. 

Please be aware that we cannot offer any guarantees on the security of delivery. We highly recommend you arrange delivery to an attended address if this is a concern.

Can I buy one of these for my friend/co-worker/relative? Can I write a personal note?

You thoughtful thing! You sure can. You can write a little message on the Cart page before you enter your details. Please also don’t forget to give us the name, phone number & address of the recipient on the Shipping page so we can make sure it gets there safely.

Do you do gift vouchers? 

We sure do! And what an excellent gift buyer you are! Just head to our 'Feed Me' drop down menu and you'll see our Feed Mama First dollars right there.

Where do you make all this delicious food? 

All of this scrumptious food is made in our commercial kitchen in the beautiful coastal hamlet of Gerroa (yes we realise how lucky we are!)

Is your packaging compostable/recyclable?

Yep it sure is. All of our BioPak branded carboard packaging can be either placed in your home compost or into your yellow bin. The foil trays can be scrunched in a ball and into your yellow bin. Obviously all the glass jars can also be reused, regifted or recycled. Our brown paper bags are home compostable (apart from the tin tie at the top).

The wool liners that insulates our orders for transit can be composted - just be sure to remove the plastic film first (which in itself can be placed in the RedCycle soft plastics recycling at your local supermarket). Other reuse ideas for your wool liners can be found here.

The cardboard box can obviously be reused or placed in your cardboard bin. 

For our local Illawarra/Shoalhaven mamas - we do have some capacity to pick up your used jars which we can sterilise and reuse. Please send us a message if you'd like us to pick up and we'll let you know when we'll next be in the area so you can pop them near your front door. We can also reuse the WoolPack boxes & liners your order goes out in so feel free to let us know if you have no need for them anymore. 

Can you post any of your items? 

Check out our collection of post-able items here

I have other children at home, do you have any family meals I could add to my order?

Our Heat & Eat pack is the perfect option to feed many mouths. We estimate there are at least 8 very generous meal serves in this pack and all are incredibly nutrient dense, and made from scratch from wholefood ingredients. Perfect for any busy household, not just our postpartum mamas.