Breakfast Congee

Breakfast Congee

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A postpartum staple, this warm, moreish dish is sure to hug you from the inside out.

Biodynamic Rain-Fed Brown Rice is simmered low and slow in rich chicken bone broth (rich in collagen and minerals) this thick carb-y soup is a perfect breakfast to start your long day (or night!) off right.

We’ve added mushrooms and bacon to give it a hearty breakfast vibe and recommend serving yours with a soft-boiled egg.

Mushrooms are an excellent source of zinc, selenium and vitamin D, all important minerals for new mothers and babies.

Our Savoury Granola contains seaweed for an iodine boost helping with thyroid function which can often be troublesome postpartum.

Congee has been a traditional postpartum food in Chinese medicine for centuries, so dig and see why this comforting dish is just the meal for a new and hungry mother.



Biodynamic Rain-Fed Brown Rice, chicken bone broth, onions, garlic, ginger, mushrooms, bacon, green onions, Savoury Granola (oats*, honey, tamari^, sesame oil, sesame seeds, nori, katsuobushi, mushroom powder, dulse)


Serving size & packaging:

1L serve packaged in a reusable/recyclable glass jar and 60ml recyclable BioPak cardboard container with recyclable plastic lid



Keep refrigerated. Can also be frozen.


Reheating instructions: 

Reheat in a saucepan till warm/hot, you may need to add a dash of water so the rice doesn’t stick to bottom of the pan.


Serving suggestion: 

Do NOT forget to sprinkle the savoury granola on top! You could also add even more sautéed mushrooms or your protein of choice (our favourite is a soft boiled or fried egg).


Allergen info:

^Contains soy

*Contains oats


Please note:

Bacon can be omitted from this dish, just let us know in the text box at checkout. This dish comes with bacon unless otherwise requested.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Anais Roth
I can’t get enough of it !

I’m 3 month postpartum and I just love treating myself with feed mama first. It really helps me when I’m run down and it is always delicious !

Skye Lyons
Like a big warm hug

Nourishing and tasty. So good having this ready to go in the fridge for those mornings that follow THOSE nights!


My favourite!

Eli K
Good for the soul

Seriously addictive and delicious . I had this soul warming congee for breakfast in winter and it has never failed to start my day right.

Claire Young
Breakfast Congee

This was so delicious! Warm and nourishing and just what I felt like postpartum. The sprinkle was also a must and served with an egg as suggested. Yum yum yum!