Organic Chicken Liver Pate

Organic Chicken Liver Pate

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Liver is the ultimate power food. Gram for gram it provides the body with more nutrients than any other food IN THE WORLD. It is an amazing source of protein, iron, B vitamins, copper and zinc.

Iron is crucial all throughout pregnancy, postpartum and breastfeeding. Women are susceptible to anaemia during these times, hence replacement via diet is critical. Iron helps to make and replenish blood, which is lost both during delivery and the ongoing bleeding for the few weeks after birth.

Ghee, an essential ingredient in Ayurvedic cooking, is added to aid digestion while helping to replenish, strengthen and hydrate the digestive system which is weakened after birth. Ghee is also a lactation aid and added extra ghee into your diet will help create a higher fat content (and therefore more nourishing) breast milk.

Postpartum is not a time to be cutting out fats, rather a time to be consuming them with gusto as they are vital to the vitamin absorption process as well as overall healing and brain function.



Organic chicken liver, onion, garlic, bacon, grass fed butter*, smoked paprika, black pepper, salt, cumin, grass fed ghee



Serving size & packaging:

275g serve in reusable/recyclable glass jar.

~6 serves per jar.



Keep refrigerated and consume within 2 weeks. Can also be frozen. 


Serving suggestion: 

Pop it atop our Seedy Seaweed Crackers & sprinkle with our Curtido. Or just go full gangster and enjoy it on a spoon straight from the jar. Can also be stirred into soups and sauces for an extra iron hit.

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