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Phettuccine (Seaweed Pasta) by Phyco Health - 300g
Phettuccine (Seaweed Pasta) by Phyco Health - 300g
Phettuccine (Seaweed Pasta) by Phyco Health - 300g

Phettuccine (Seaweed Pasta) by Phyco Health - 300g

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Phyco Health are an awesome South Coast-based small business making it incredibly easy to get your iodine consumption up with delicious everyday foods. Iodine is often depleted during pregnancy/postpartum and when lacking in your diet can play a huge part in your thyroid health ongoing. 


Now you can do your favourite Italian dish with marine nutrition – EASY!

Phyco Health's Phettuccine is based on the traditional Italian pasta recipe, including Australian durum wheat semolina, eggs and Australian Green Seaweed #84. At 10% seaweed, this pasta offers you a refreshing sense of the sea whilst you are cooking it and a vibrant emerald hue on your dinner table.
Serve simply with a side of olive oil and parmesan cheese, or cook with Mediterranean style sauces, from gorgonzola to seafood. There is nothing that this Phettuccine won't work with; not to mention the extra bonus of you reducing your food carbon footprint with every bit of seaweed you include in your day.
Fortified with 10% of Phyco Health's trace element rich, whole seaweed; one average serve will deliver you:
  • Antioxidants; Lutein and Beta Carotene
  • A hefty whack of trace elements
  • 42% of your Manganese requirements which assists in insulin metabolism, bones and joints, antioxidant metabolism
  • 65% of your Boron and 33% of your Magnesium requirements = essential for bone health
  • 71% of your Iodine requirements = crucial for optimal hormone and brain health
  • A protein-rich pasta with gut healthy sea-fibers

If you're on the hunt for a low Glycemic Index (GI) pasta with the benefits of seaweed, you've come to the right place.

More info about this delicious pasta and it's low Glycemic Index can be found here.