Spanish Mackerel in Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil by Good Fish - 125g BPA-free tin

Spanish Mackerel in Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil by Good Fish - 125g BPA-free tin

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These sweet and juicy little fish are a prized speciality of Andalusia, Spain, and are caught and processed today just as they were centuries ago.

Cooked on the day they are caught, the Atlantic chub mackerel are one of the world’s most sustainable fish, absolutely delicious to eat and a responsible environmental choice.

Fished in the clean waters off Portugal and Spain, they are caught in small nets by fishermen in small boats.

The fillets, then preserved in certified organic olive oil, are gently cooked and filleted by the all-female processors as is the tradition in these parts.

Wonderful to eat on toast or as part of robust salads, paired with ancient grains or hearty pasta dishes, these mackerel are the ultimate convenience food, perfect to pull out of the pantry for a quick meal, or to turn into a hearty meal.


:: Why should mamas eat this? ::

Cold water fish are especially beneficial to consume whilst trying to conceive, pregnant & postpartum. This is thanks to the incredibly high levels of the brain-boosting omega 3 fat DHA.

Fatty fish like mackerel provide the most concentrated sources of dietary DHA and are also low in mercury. 

Aside from DHA fatty fish are among the few foods rich in Vitamin D, a nutrient most of us are deficient in. Seafood also contains many trace minerals including zinc, iodine and selenium. 

Iodine needs are increased by 50% during pregnancy and deficiency is common. Iodine is necessary for normal thyroid function in both mother and baby and is essential to healthy brain development. 

Wild-caught fish is preferred wherever possible since farmed fish is often contaminated with many unwanted chemicals as well as antibiotic resistant bacteria thanks to the heavy use of antibiotics in aquaculture. 

Not to mention wild-caught fish is almost always higher in DHA compared to farm-raised fish.