Unrefined Celtic Sea Salt

Unrefined Celtic Sea Salt

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Salt often gets a bad rap however it is vital to the normal functions of your body, especially during preconception, pregnancy & postpartum. 

In pregnancy, dietary salt intake seems to facilitate the numerous physiological changes that must occur to support the growth and development of the placenta and fetus.

Sodium & chloride it contains are key for electrolyte balance (to keep you cells talking to one another), helping to maintain the correct plasma volume in your bloodsteam (to regulate fluid levels) and facilitating neural signalling (so you can think straight and move your muscles on command). Salt also supports normal stomach acid levels by supplying chloride. Adequate stomach acid is necessary for the absorption of minerals and Vitamin B12, protein digestion and killing off pathogenic bacteria before food leaves your stomach. 

The very best type of salt to consume is unrefined sea salt as this contains not only sodium but trace minerals as well. 

These Celtic Sea Salt crystals are produced on the salt marshes of the Peninsula of Geurande in France. The salt is hand harvested, dried and then ground into this Fine Sea Salt. It remains completely unwashed, unrefined and additive-free, keeping the salt rich in magnesium and trace elements. The grey colour comes from the clay that is present in the ground of the marsh.



Celtic Sea Salt


Serving size & packaging:

275g serve in reusable/recyclable glass jar.


Serving suggestion: 

Celtic Sea Salt can be sprinkled on food as a delicate seasoning or used during cooking to enhance the flavour of the food.



Shelf stable. Keep sealed.