Summer Heat & Eat Pack
Summer Heat & Eat Pack
Summer Heat & Eat Pack
Summer Heat & Eat Pack
Summer Heat & Eat Pack

Summer Heat & Eat Pack

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Sometimes* all you want is something quick, easy and somewhat nourishing to eat. 

Maybe you're nap trapped under the sweetest most angelic cherub who has also kept you up alllll of the hours.

Maybe all you've got left in the fridge is a sad looking droopy carrot and some pongy yoghurt?

Maybe you've 1000 things you'd rather be doing instead of deciding what to cook/shopping for it/prepping it/cooking it and lets not forget cleaning up the mess you've made. 

Our Summer Heat & Eat Pack is all about getting something nourishing on the table quick smart - no stuffing around.

This pack features all of our main meal options from our Summer Menu including:

As with all of our offerings we have designed this menu to satiate a new mama's unending appetite (read: generous portions!) as well as ensuring her recovery from the marathon effort of pregnancy and the exertion of childbirth is supported nutritionally.

We estimate there are at least 8 generous meal serves in this pack and all are incredibly nutrient dense, and made from scratch, by us, from 100% wholefood ingredients.

*Or all the time (are we right?!?) 


Please note:

Alterations to pack contents for personal preference reasons can no longer be accommodated. Our "Build Your Own Pack" menu allows you freedom to create a pack with contents you prefer. 

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