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WonderWild™ Greens Powder by Deeto - 170g
WonderWild™ Greens Powder by Deeto - 170g

WonderWild™ Greens Powder by Deeto - 170g

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A premium superfood greens powder, specifically formulated to support women's health with a hand-crafted blend of leafy greens, super algae, wild herbs and lemon.

WonderWild has a refreshing lemon flavour, with a hint of sweetness.

Unlike most superfood powders, Deeto's products don't contain any sugar, artificial flavours or even "natural flavours" (which are made from sugar substrates & chemical additives.)

So how does Deeto make WonderWild taste great?

A simple combination of whole lemon juice powder and pure monk fruit extract.

We've trialled it several times in the FMF kitchen and agree it's the best tasting greens powder we've ever tried.


Serving suggestion:

Our favourite way to enjoy Wonder Wild is by adding 1 teaspoon to a large glass of cold water, and stirring it thoroughly.

For optimal results, we recommend drinking WonderWild at least once daily.

Each pouch contains 30 serves.



A fine powdered blend of Broccoli*, Spirulina*, Parsley*, Lemon Juice, Chlorella*, Dandelion Leaf*, Broccoli Sprout, Wheat Grass*, Barley Grass*, Matcha*, St Mary’s Thistle*, Monk Fruit Extract, Globe Artichoke Leaf

*Certified Organic Ingredient



WonderWild contains some ingredients that haven’t yet been studied for safety during pregnancy (St. Mary’s Thistle and globe artichoke.) Pregnancy is such a delicate time so we recommend avoiding these products during this period.