Vanilla Bean Coconut Yoghurt

Vanilla Bean Coconut Yoghurt

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This is not your regular Coconut Yoghurt.

You know the ones you've tried from the shops? The ones that just taste like refrigerated coconut cream? Or the ones that are so goopy and starchy you have no idea exactly what it is you just ate (best to not look at the ingredient panel!)

No thanks!

Our Coconut Yoghurt starts with a 100% pure coconut cream base to which we add literally billions of live, dairy free probiotic bacteria and a touch of honey to feed all those hungry bugs. We ferment for a minimum of 12 hours to guarantee a vibrant, tangy, actually-tastes-like-yoghurt result. 

As a kicker we add a dash of grass fed gelatin to our batches to boost the healing properties of this zingy yoghurt alternative. 



100% coconut cream, live probiotics, honey, Grass-Fed Gelatin, vanilla bean powder, green leaf stevia powder.


Serving size & packaging:

300ml serve in reusable/recyclable glass jar.



Keep refrigerated.

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